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If you want to get out and about on your holidays then take a visit to Go Xplore Tours and choose a day trip. a sightseeing historical visit, adventure, or relaxing on the beach, whichever takes your fancy. Knowledgeable staff will inform you about where you will be going, how you will get there, if certain clothing is suitable, all your questions answered from experience.
For those who like to learn about the history of Crete, there are tours to Spinalonga, mythical Knossos Palace and the Lassithi Plateau. Tropical Chrissi Island and the Blue Lagoon Gramvousa - Balos will take your breathe away at its beauty. Try as well a taste of Cretan night, with dancing and entertainment and always a chance to join in with the fun or perhaps a 1 or 2 day trip across to Santorini where the views are the most amazing in the world, just dont forget your camera!

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I had the best day of my holidays there. The quad safari tour is amazing, i suggest it to everyone! you can find every tour in Crete at their website

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